URIM is our proprietary fabric specialised in the protection against electric arc. With a special structure and polyester-free fibre composition, URIM protects from the consequences of arc flash while providing a high level of comfort. It is also extremely effective in protecting against weld and grind spatter and meets the most rigorous industrial standards to provide safe working conditions for challenging working environments.


WEIGHT: 350g/m2

ATPV Value: 13cal/cm2

URIM CNL2 + KOR Lining

WEIGHT: from 350g/m2

ATPV Value: 23cal/cm2


WEIGHT: from 300g/m2

ATPV Value: 13cal/cm2


EN 61482-1-1


Weight from 300g/m2


High-visibility yellow and orange

Mannequin test ISO 13506

Proven results:

Urim arc flash fabric has been tested in a garment form (a combination of high visibility yellow and dark blue) on a thermal mannequin at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) for compliance with ISO 13506;2008. The test was conducted with 100% of the mannequin being covered by the garments being tested.

Test Results: Arc flash suit made from URIM laminate with 120g lining has two parts – jacket and trousers and was tested in conjunction with a polo shirt with a 4 second flame exposure time. Results of burn injury prediction according to ISO 13506 are very good: 9,6% pain, 0,0% 1st burn, 0,0% 2nd burn and 0,0% 3rd burn.

Level of performance:

  • Composed with inherent and permanently non flammable materials
  • The combination of aramid and viscose HT gives the fabric a high tensile strength and tear resistance.
  • Offers good protection against harmful UV rays during welding.
  • A sustainable version with 24% recycled viscose fibers.

URIM advantages:

  • Durable fabric that does not form holes from molten droplets.
  • Lightweight fabric provides high level of comfort and ease at work
  • Multinorm fabric that protects against heat & flame, arc flash and UV rays.
  • HI-VIS colors, RIS-TOM
  • 59% recyclable cellulose fibres

Ideal for:

An ideal multifunctional garment especially for grinding and welding in:

  • Power management systems
  • Rail industry
  • Welding industry
  • Oil and gas industry

There is a Urim solution for every challenge:

  • A lightweight layer ideal for all applications where Arc class I is needed: URIM PLUS
  • A lightweight solution in Arc class 2 protection: URIM PLUS + KOR 2
  • A turnkey solution for challenging weather conditions: URIM CNL2 + lining KOR
  • A lightweight bad weather softshell: URIM 3PLY
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Excellent protection against heat, arc flash or iron spatter from welding or grinding. Below are the results of a test after 24 seconds of grinding:


URIM is polyster free FR fabric and stay UNDAMAGED during welding
or grinding work


Generic FR fabric with a polyester surface is DAMAGED during welding or grinding, due to sparks melting the PES surface.


Welcome to the Future of Protection: URIM GREEN – The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Flame Retardant Fabric.

Discover the revolutionary URIM GREEN, a flame retardant outer fabric that not only ensures top-notch protection but also champions sustainability. Crafted by TEKSTINA, URIM GREEN represents a new era of eco-friendly high-tech products, setting a benchmark in the industry.


  • Recycled Textile Waste with High Cellulose Content: URIM GREEN incorporates recycled textile waste, including worn-out cotton jeans and cotton production scraps. This fabric contains a minimum of 24% recycled cellulose fibers, derived from post-consumer textile waste. By harnessing the power of recycled materials, URIM GREEN contributes to a circular economy and reduces environmental impact.
  • Permanent Flame Retardant Properties: The blend of recycled cellulose fibers with other materials gives URIM GREEN permanent flame retardant properties. This ensures reliable protection in environments where flame resistance is crucial, such as the petrochemical, utility, welding, and power generation sectors.
  • Polyester-Free Multi-Norm Fabric: URIM GREEN stands out as a polyester-free multi-norm fabric, making it an ideal choice for various industries. Its versatility caters to the specific protection needs of sectors like rail, wildland firefighting, emergency and rescue, and railways, where multi-norm protection is essential.
  • High Visibility and Comfort: The URIM brand extends beyond protection; it offers high visibility colors and combines several products to provide a comprehensive solution. URIM GREEN not only ensures reliable protection but also offers outstanding levels of comfort and breathability. It’s the perfect balance between safety and wearer comfort.
  • Lightweight Solution for Diverse Sectors: URIM GREEN’s lightweight construction makes it a preferred choice in sectors requiring agility and ease of movement. From wildland firefighters to emergency responders, URIM GREEN offers a protective solution without compromising mobility.
  • Perfect for Sustainable Garments: URIM GREEN is the go-to choice for customers seeking flame retardant performance with multi-norm properties, coupled with sustainable and green features. It reflects an eco-responsible approach to garment selection, catering to those who care about the well-being of future generations.
  • Versatile Garment Solutions: For those looking to create sustainable flame-retardant rain jackets, pairing URIM GREEN with recycled linings like KOR-GREEN or ANGE-GREEN is an excellent choice. These combinations offer protection against various hazards, including rain, arc, flame, welding, and high visibility.

Embark on a sustainable journey today with URIM GREEN – the fabric that safeguards not just the present but also the future. Elevate your commitment to protection and sustainability with URIM GREEN from TEKSTINA.


Our Promise

We are committed to protecting any person who wears our fabric from flame and heat-related incidents, as well any other hazardous occurrences.

Our Promise

Innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability are our triggers in all our new developments.

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