Corporate and Social Responsibility of Tekstina in its environment has been one of major ethical values since 1828. The responsibility toward its local environment extends beyond the statutory obligation to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and general society. Besides being a part of the Slovenian textile community, Tekstina takes part in business local presentation to stimulate local employment.


  • Continuous improvement and investment in our employees is one of fundamental elements of our growing prosperity. Having a trained workforce means our workers are acquiring new skills that can improve production, build confidence, and create a better working environment. Tekstina dedicates a part of its revenue to training and additional learning.
  • Safety at work: Tekstina produces textiles for protective equipment, therefore the safety and health of all our employees are of course our priority. We are at the forefront of ensuring working conditions that promote the welfare of each employee.
  • With a long history in the local environment and its economical impact in mind, Tekstina takes part in local cultural, economic and academic events as well university projects.

Our Promise

We are committed to protecting any person who wears our fabric from flame and heat-related incidents, as well any other hazardous occurrences.

Our Promise

Innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability are our triggers in all our new developments.

Our Promise

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