Sustainable fabrics manufacturer

Preserving the planet and conducting sustainable operations is solidly embedded in our long tradition. This is the way we do our business. We are a sustainable fabrics manufacturer with great responsibility towards our environment and products that excite our customers and help the planet.


New Cotton

We are proud to be a part of the pioneering project that establishes an entirely circular model for commercial garment production.
We are one of twelve companies that constitute a circular business model, where over a three-year period, textile waste is collected and sorted, and regenerated into a new, man-made cellulosic fibre that looks and feels like cotton – a “new cotton” – using Infinited Fiber Company’s textile fibre regeneration technology.
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URIM green

URIM Green represents the latest in our proprietary environmentally friendly high-tech products. It is created with a minimum of 20% recycled fibers from post-consumer textile waste and in combination with other fibers, it provides permanent flame retardant properties. It is the optimum choice for eco-responsible producers of flame retardant garments that care about the environment and the future generations.
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The story of Tekstina is a story of constant progress, creativity, and innovation.

We are deriving our strength from local knowledge and perseverance. We believe our employees are the essence of our tradition and success.

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89.9 %

of employees from local environment

2500 h

invested in employee education
We have a strong focus on our customers’ needs and expectations and follow the strictest standards in the industry. We strive for the best and are respected by the best.


We enjoy our work with textiles and have the deepest respect for the tradition and the environment for which we create and in which we operate.

We are a sustainable fabric manufacturer that produces different performance tech fabrics to meet the needs of our customers. However, we are also proud of the reduction in carbon footprint we have managed to achieve. The reduction is substantial enough to meet the expectations of generations yet to come.

6 %

reduction in carbon footprint from 2017 to 2020

43.5 %

reduction in clean water usage from 2016 to 2020

25.3 %

reduction in wastewater from 2016 to 2020

6.3 %

reduction in gas consumption from 2016 to 2020

100 %

of Tekstina’s waste is recycled

100 %

of fabric waste from production is sold for reuse

Tekstina has implemented a waste management system that allows a collection, sorting and treatment of all kinds of waste coming from its production sites, ranging from plastic containers and cardboard packaging, all the way to fabric waste.

We use a lot of water for our production and we are lucky to be operating in an environment where this resource is abundant. However, the production process can pollute the water with different residues that have no place in nature, so it is our utmost responsibility to remove them fully before returning the water we borrowed back into nature. Our state-of-the art wastewater management embraces the power of nature and makes certain that our operations leave our water supply intact.

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We are one of the oldest textile producers reaching the highest standards in the industry with knowledge and skills that dictate trends.

We are faithfully executing our strategy to keep and expand the position among the trustworthy and innovative sustainable fabric suppliers, provide secure employment and generate added value for all our stakeholders. We are committed to developing world-leading products that preserve our nature, our social environment, and our vision.

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Our Promise

We are committed to protecting any person who wears our fabric from flame and heat-related incidents, as well any other hazardous occurrences.

Our Promise

Innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability are our triggers in all our new developments.

Our Promise

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