The supply chains of products continue to increase in scope and complexity. Since companies have started to operate more globally, trading partners, regulators and consumers need and demand more information about the products they purchase and use. Taking into account the complexity of supply chains, the ability to track and trace the source of raw materials to the final destination of the product has become of vital importance. In line with the acquired certificate, Tekstina has already made visible steps across the supply chain, building the fundamental blocks of quality and risk management.


  • In accordance with ISO 9001, Tekstina aims to constantly improve its organisation and products to comply with customers’ requirements and deliver constant quality.
  • As a major player in textile environment, Tekstina acts in line with the acquired Oeko-tex Standard 100 certificate, contributing to high-level and effective product safety.
  • Reach: All fabrics supplied by Tekstina fulfil the REACH regulation requirements; not all products contain substances of very high concern (SVHC) listed in ECHA’s candidate list.

Our Promise

We are committed to protecting any person who wears our fabric from flame and heat-related incidents, as well any other hazardous occurrences.

Our Promise

Innovation, continuous improvement and sustainability are our triggers in all our new developments.

Our Promise

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