New cotton project

New cotton project

We are proud to be a part of the pioneering New cotton project that establishes an entirely circular model for commercial garment production. It harnesses the collaboration among different partners in the supply chain with cutting-edge technology to create circular fashion.

About the New cotton project

The “New Cotton Project,” a European Union-funded consortium of brands, manufacturers, suppliers, innovators, and research institutes, will demonstrate that circular, sustainable fashion is not only a goal, but also a reality today.

The EU has underlined the textile industry’s significant potential for circularity while also emphasizing the urgent need for technology development to generate and design sustainable and circular bio-based materials. The European Commission’s EU Circular Economy Action Plan outlines the need for making sustainable products commonplace, decreasing waste, and leading global efforts on circularity.

Tekstina is among the leading European innovators

We are one of twelve companies that constitute a circular business model, where over a three-year period, textile waste is collected and sorted, and regenerated into a new, man-made cellulosic fibre that looks and feels like cotton – a “new cotton” – using Infinited Fiber Company’s textile fibre regeneration technology.

The partnership of 12 firms and organizations that cover the whole supply chain is led by Infinited Fiber Company, whose patented technique can regenerate cellulose-rich textile waste into unique fibres that look and feel like cotton. The regenerated fibres will be used to make yarns, woven fabrics, and denim. Adidas and H&M Group will design, manufacture, and market apparel produced from the materials. Adidas is also gathering customer feedback and insights, as well as developing its textile take-back program to reintegrate returned apparel back into the loop.


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